20 April 2010

Early start today as Steve and I headed to the bus stop. Steve’s first stop was work and mine was the airport to meet Christine.

Goodbye Steve We sat down and caught over a cup of coffee before making our way to our Virgin flight. The flight was routine and the excitement level built as we circled the Honiara airport. We were last through customs and Christine’s friend Lisa was here to greet us. As we did the city tour we took in the war memorial and the waterfront. The imagery here is just amazing.

Honiara Waterfront 09 Honiara Waterfront 06 Honiara Waterfront 05 Honiara Waterfront 04 Honiara Waterfront 02 Honiara Waterfront 01 Honiara War Memorial 01

Early in the afternoon we headed back past the airport to Lisa’s Rotary project that assists in housing people in the area, before heading back to a chinese restaurant for dinner.

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