Day 97 – 8 June 2015

After waving goodbye to Alan and Eunice, we headed off to arrange a wheel rotation and an oil change for 4WDaus.

Scott at Fennell Tyres did a great job on 4WDaus and even arranged coffee for us. Thanks Scott.

Scott at Fennell Tyres

We were both surprised, that by noon, we had both jobs finished and we could escape the city earlier than expected and head north. Moving on meant it was time for a big shop and much fuel. We hoped, and did make it to Lancelin for an evening under the stars. During our rush around we purchased 256 litres of diesel (102 litres @ $1.296 and 150 litres @ $1.359) and a new gas bottle. Also we decided with the issues we are having with 12v computer chargers to purchase a pure sign wave inverter from Jaycar.

Day 98 – 9 June 2015

Decided to check the inverter this morning on Steve’s laptop and sadly it did not work without error tones. Turns out the inverter didn’t have enough capacity to run the Macbook power supply, so we decided to drive back the 100kms to Joondalup for and upgrade. We returned to Lancelin for another evening under the stars.

Day 99 – 10 June 2015

After a couple of restful sleeps in the bush, it was time to head north again. First stop of the day was the beach at Wedge Point. This is the first time we have driven 4WDaus on the beach. It was greater having coffee with Wedge Island for a view. To our amazement we found a patch of quick sand on the beach. This is the first time we have seen this and can see how easy it would be to bog your 4WD in it. When you walk on the sand it looks just like beach, but stand there a few seconds and suddenly you are sinking into the watery sand.

After a couple of hours on the beach it was time to head off for an evening in Nambung National Park photographing the Pinnacles. Whilst taking the evening sunset, this car drove by. Is it any wonder why some people are a risk to themselves?


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