Day 35 – 7 April 2015

Left lake Bonney today and headed a little further west, but before topping up for water. Today journey took us through Overland Corner Hotel, before we finished up at Maize Island, another bend in the Murray River which overlooks a rich red cliff.

The Overland Corner Hotel is a history pub which still runs today. We decided to have a cold drink and a plate of wedges whilst we were there.

Overland_Corner_Hotel_Steve-1 Overland_Corner_Hotel_Steve-2 Overland_Corner_Hotel_Steve-3 Overland_Corner_Hotel_Steve-4 Overland_Corner_Hotel_Steve-5 Overland_Corner_Hotel_Steve-6

From here we pushed on to Waikerie where we filled up with fuel (63 litres @ $1.210) and a few groceries. We also took the time to visit a local photographer “Paul White” and has definately got a great eye when it comes to the area.

We decided to camp locally and found ourselves back on the Murray River on Maize Island. Beautiful red cliffs again as a back drop.

Maises_Island_Steve-3 Maises_Island_Steve-1

Day 36 – 8 April 2015

The journey today takes us further south passed lock 1 on the Murray at Blanchetown and onwards to Big Bend. Yes another enormous red cliff cut by the Murray River.

Lock 1 was interesting and it had a great scoop of pelicans that sat just below the water release gates. Here when they saw a fish get washed over the causeway, it was an easy meal. We tried to go to a local winery for a tasting, but sadly it was closed. But the trip to it took us past a cool stone built church and equally cool stone house.

Pelicans Lock 1

Blanchetown_Steve-2 Blanchetown_Steve-1 Blanchetown Stone House


The next part of the drive took us along the cliffs on the Murray River to Swan Reach. From here it was on to Big Bend, a group of small (26 in total) holiday homes on the edge of the Murray River opposite Big Bend Cliffs.

Big Bend Cliffs Big Bend Cliffs 1


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