15 June 2016

The morning treated us with fog and mist. The waterhole was stunning.



About 10:00am we headed off towards Oodnadatta.

After a quick stop for lunch it was onto another bypass road around the edge of Stevenson creek flood plain. Great to see water here.


Quick stop at Oodnadatta roadhouse when I met Jeffery, a local singer. It was nice chatting to him and hearing him play.


Next stop for the day was the painted desert. Sunset was enjoyed here before travelling to Arckaringa station to camp.

Painted-Desert Painted-Desert-2 Painted-Desert-3 Painted-Desert-Steve-and-Alison

16 June 2016

Last night at 3:30am the rain started. 8mm might not sound much, but out here it is!


We awoke to find mud and water everywhere. To the point we decided to ask the station owner on how to proceed as not to damage roads. His advice (after a few calls) was the direct road to Coober Pedy was closed and to proceed directly to Stuart Highway. We waited a few hours to give the roads a chance to dry out before making our way west.

Arrived at Coober Pedy for a group dinner and catch up with loved ones and internet news.

Coober_Pedy-6 Coober_Pedy-5

Coober Pedy blower truck

Coober Pedy blower truck

Coober_Pedy-4 Coober_Pedy-2 Coober_Pedy-7 Coober_Pedy_Opal_Mining_Pano-1

17 June 2016

The Boss Rally left Coober Pedy early this morning after confirming the Anne Beadell Highway was open. This was great news for us as this also meant we could leave late in the afternoon in the same direction.

Morning was spend with a local named Mike who was good enough to show us around his under ground home and then through the local opal mining fields. This was enjoyed by all.


By late morning we were all filling up with diesel, topping up water and stores for the next isolated part of the trip.

Anne_Beadell_Highway-1 Anne_Beadell_Highway-2

Late afternoon we were west bound, carefully avoiding the water on the road and taking little what we like to call chicken tracks. These chicken tracks are easier routes around water and mud and also ensure the track is not trashed.


Was passed by a Boss Rally Car being towed back to Coober Pedy. The car being towed was caked in mud kicked up by the tow vehicle.

Camped near a windmill which had been decommissioned. There were 2 water tanks originally attached to the windmill which have broken open, the results of concrete cancer braking the shells apart over the years.

The moon had a huge ring around it. I think Sonya on Nambung Station told us it means rain will be here in a weeks time.

Late evening 3 Boss Rally cars came speeding through the darkness, it appeared they had much distance to catch up to the others who left at 6am. They could be heard for kilometres into the distance as they bumped and crunched they way along.

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