17 Sept 2010

The previous few weeks had been extremely busy, organising immunisation shots and organising clients for my trip to Bangladesh. It was a relief to sit down on the plane away from internet and phones for the flight.

Brisbane Int Aitport 01 Singapore Airlines 01 Singapore Airlines 02 Singapore Airlines 03

After a 5 hour wait between flights at Singapore Airport it became time to board for the next leg.  Another full flight for the 5 hours we would be in the air. Tiredness finally got the better of me & I was able to snatch a few minutes sleep along the way. The next thing I knew was touching down in Dhaka. After a brief time I was through customs and bag pickup and off to find my driver.

The trip to the hotel was amazing – I have never seen such organised disorder as every concievable type of transport jostled its way to Dhaka. The road with its official 4 lanes had 5 or 6 lanes of traffic queued up in grid lock – there was even traffic heading down the wrong side of the highway in the far right hand lane. My ears were treated to a sympathy of horns as drivers jockeyed their vehicles down the road.  As it was now 11.30pm local time, it was dark here, so my eyes did not miss out on the experience as drivers flashed the headlights (if they had some) on and off to warn other drivers to stay in their lanes. Tiny 3 wheeled taxis  dart in & out of the traffic – squeezing between buses and trucks. Produce on trucks also makes it way along the road – a load of eggs, passes by – there goes pineapples on another. Trucks also carry people on them.

Sleep comes quicky on arrival at what would be home for the next 6 weeks

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