The last few months have had us home bound and we performed maintenance and sorted out some issues.

1 March 2016

First day of Autumn and time to head south for the Victorian High Country. After a slow start we headed out of Brisbane about 10:30am. First major stop for the trip being Glen Innes were diesel is 93c/litre. That’s about 20 cents cheaper than Brisbane and about the same price as Bundaberg. Camped at Dangars Falls for night. A quick check of the falls found no water running over them at all. This we found strange as most of our trip today was done in the wet.

2 March 2016

Woke this morning to being in the clouds. As the morning heated up the clouds soon burnt off and it was time to set off for Goswick Chapel. Sadly, it is still a month too early for the beautiful yellow scene that occurs here briefly once a year. Next stop Tamworth.

3 March 2016

Rest day Tamworth. The springs which had been replaced on 4WDaus were picked up by their new owner for installation on a 2WD FE Canter. It’s pleasing to see these go to a good home and not end up in the back of the garage.

4 March 2016

Left 10am for a long drive through the back roads. Went through willow tree, merriwa, cassilis, Mudgee and Sofala. Sat in the river in the shade of the large rock cliff at wallaby rocks. Cooked up a batch of my home made hand burger rissoles. It appears we got lucky with some quality mince from Tamworth. Yum. Sat on the edge of wallaby waterhole and watched the stars come out. There were surprisingly little insects which can so often ruin an evening like this.



5 March 2016

Woke to the steam rising off the water hole, truly a beautiful sight.


After a leisurely breakfast it was off to hill end. Morning tea taken at Merlins lookout.


Feeling recharged it was time to take on the Bridle Track. 4WD low range down to Turon River. Alison coped a smack with a low lying tree branch she was trying to clear as it 4WDaus would not have fitted under. It managed to scratch and bruise both shoulders and her chin. Just shows how easily you can catch yourself out.

Amesz_Bridle_Track-2 Amesz_Bridle_Track-3

Lunch spent on the Turon River under She oak trees. After a pleasant lunch we took to 4WD up to hill end and then onto Bald Hill lookout.

On dusk we returned to Hill End to photograph the streets.




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