Day 90 – 1 June 2015 – Day 94 – 5 June 2015

Every year Sydney puts on the Vivid Festival. This involves lots of coloured lights and local landmarks, unique every year.

My favourite shows are still centred about Circular Quay, featuring the Sydney Opera House and Customs House.

Vivid Sydney 2015 07 Vivid Sydney 2015 06 Vivid Sydney 2015 05 Vivid Sydney 2015 04 Vivid Sydney 2015 03 Vivid Sydney 2015 02 Vivid Sydney 2015 01 Vivid_2015_Steve-8 Vivid_2015_Steve-7 Vivid_2015_Steve-6 Vivid_2015_Steve-5 Vivid_2015_Steve-4 Vivid_2015_Steve-3 Vivid_2015_Steve-2 Vivid_2015_Steve-14 Vivid_2015_Steve-13 Vivid_2015_Steve-12

Day 95 – 6 June 2015

Today both Steve and I are bound for Perth, Steve arriving 45 mins before me. Being in Sydney was certainly a blast and catching up with family and friends excellent. Bye Sydney it’s been great.

Syd to Perth

Drove 4WDaus back to Forrestfield to rest for a day before we give her some much needed TLC. To our surprise, Alan and Eunice had also been delayed with repairs and we once again got the chance to catch up.

Day 96 – 7 June 2015

Spent most of the day just resting after our adventures back on the East Coast. Also how better to celebrate the return to Perth but dinner in the big bus with Alan and Eunice.

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