Bangkok International Motor Show 2024

4WD Enthusiasts Hit the Motor Show

We just wrapped up an epic adventure at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024! It was wall to wall gear-heads and camping enthusiasts. We were very interested in the 4WD RV displays and that where we headed.

Scouting out the hottest new RV trucks. We weren’t disappointed! MHC (Thailand), also known as Motorhome & CampingCar, grabbed our attention with their impressive RV built on a Ford Ranger Base. This beauty offers a unique feature: access to the camper’s rear directly from the driver’s cabin – a game-changer for seamless travel.

Next stop at the show was the Firebright Stand. Here they had a robot arm swapping the battery packs in and out on a light truck similar to our Amesz truck. It was interesting to see where the future of battery trucks might go. The display demonstrated the battery swap on a utility as well.

Have you every wanted a Landrover Defender, Mercedes G Wagaon or American Pickup Truck and couldn’t afford it. Well the guys from DAMD product have kits to make Suzuki Jimnys into  replica trucks. Very cool indeed.

It turns out kitting Jimnys out is somewhat popular here. We soon found another stand by the Jimmy Shop Thailand which looked great.

Next stop: Jungle 4×4. Their RV built on the ever-reliable Toyota Champ base truly impressed. The Champ itself starts at a budget-friendly US$25,000, making it an attractive option for adventurous campers.

And the good news keeps rolling – TJM is building a range of accessories for the Champ, including a rooftop tent, perfect for stargazing nights.

But the show wasn’t all about RVs is it! lol

We also got a glimpse into the future with the stunning Nissan Hyper Tourer concept car, a sleek gold and black machine that stole the show.

The electric car scene was buzzing, showcasing what’s to come in 2024.

Of course, no auto show is complete without a healthy dose of luxury. We ogled at Porsches in every imaginable color, from bubblegum pink to electric blue.

Gorgeous models added a touch of glamour, and classic car enthusiasts wouldn’t be disappointed – a fully restored Toyota Landcruiser, possibly a G43, stole our hearts.

The show wasn’t shy about showcasing opulence either. A fleet of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis left us speechless.

And for those who dream of defying gravity, a flying car built like a giant drone had everyone buzzing.

The Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 was a feast for the senses, offering something for every car enthusiast. From futuristic concepts to practical RVs and timeless classics, it was an unforgettable adventure. Stay tuned for more detailed reports on the exciting finds we mentioned – the Toyota Revo-based RV, the budget-friendly Toyota Champ option, and the latest accessories for these off-road champions!