Borsang Umbrella Festival 2024

19 January 2024

Sukhothai Goodbye: Farewell, Smoky Skies, and Festival Fun!

The bittersweet taste of departure lingered in the air as we checked out of our Airbnb bright and early the next day – just after 8 am. As we hit the road towards Chiang Mai, a smoky haze seemed to blanket the morning sky. Perhaps a sign of things to come? Our destination: the legendary Bo Sang Umbrella Festival!

This festival, renowned for its laid-back charm, promised three days of cultural performances, vibrant street activities, and of course, delectable street food.

We pulled into town at noon, buzzing with excitement to soak it all in. The preparations for the evening celebrations were already in full swing. Floats adorned with a kaleidoscope of colours lined the streets, hinting at the spectacle to come.

And what a delightful surprise! We bumped into our friend Vincent, a local photographer, whom we hadn’t seen in a year. Needless to say, catching up added another layer of joy to the day.

As the afternoon wore on, the festival truly came alive.

The street transformed into a vibrant canvas, with groups settled on the roadway, proudly showcasing their umbrella-painting artistry. It was a feast for the eyes!

By 5 pm, our rumbling stomachs led us to the enticing aroma of local street food. We indulged in a delicious feast, refuelling for the main event – the parade!

Promptly at 5:30 pm, the official parade kicked off in a blaze of colour, music, and pure fun. Elaborate floats, vibrant costumes, and the infectious energy of marching bands filled the air with a celebratory spirit. Sound trucks pumping out upbeat tunes added to the exhilarating atmosphere.

Exhausted but exhilarated after a long yet thoroughly enjoyable day, we decided to call it a night at 6:45 pm, just as the parade drew to a close. The Bo Sang Umbrella Festival had definitely lived up to its reputation

20 January 2024

Relax and Recharge

After the whirlwind of the festival, the next day called for a slower pace. We opted for a well-deserved sleep-in, followed by a much-needed laundry session. While Alison pampered herself with a hair wash and dry, Steve tackled the washing pile. Rejuvenated and refreshed, we couldn’t resist indulging in some Pad Thai at our favourite spot for lunch.

By 2:30 pm, we decided to venture back to the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, eager for another dose of cultural immersion. However, it seemed the festival had shifted gears. The morning’s vibrant energy had given way to a more relaxed atmosphere, with the focus now on afternoon food and clothing markets. We strolled down Bo Sang Road, taking in the sights and soaking up the laid-back vibe.

As the afternoon wore on, we decided to head back to our haven at 3Season. Dinner was a delicious affair at our trusty hole-in-the-wall restaurant, the perfect way to end a somewhat uneventful day. Our walk home included a pit stop at 7-Eleven (because, convenience!), but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Steve took a bit of a tumble (sorry, Steve!), adding a touch of slapstick comedy (unintentional, of course) to the evening.

Back at our accommodation, we capped off the night with a chat with Bee, catching up and sharing stories. Even though the festival wasn’t in full swing that day, it was a perfect example of the slower pace of life that travel sometimes offers – a chance to relax, recharge, and create memories (even if one involves a minor mishap!).

21 January 2024

Downtime Delights and Aussie Reunions

Our adventures in Chiang Mai continued with another day dedicated to the art of doing absolutely nothing (well, almost nothing). It was a glorious chance to recharge our batteries and appreciate the simple pleasures of travel.

The highlight of the day, however, arrived in the evening. We had the privilege of reuniting with our favourite Aussie-Thai mate, David! It was a night filled with delicious food, a few quiet beers (quiet being a relative term, of course!), and most importantly, a healthy dose of much-missed Aussie humour.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, especially when shared with good friends.

Catching up with David was the perfect way to end a seemingly uneventful day. It’s a reminder that travel isn’t always about ticking things off a bucket list. Sometimes, the most treasured experiences involve reconnecting with loved ones and sharing stories over good food and good company.