Good Bye Mum

19 March 2020 – Good Bye Mum

Sadly today my mum died. Thankfully not from Covid-19 and not in a way she had not wished for. She lived a full and happy life, in her own home and died peacefully in her favourite chair, 89 years old. In someways it was good she didn’t need to live through the Covid-19 stresses and see the world spiral into a horrible period.

Steve and I headed for Sydney to organise mum’s funeral and look after things. It was terrifying we were headed to Sydney where we felt we might see the months ahead stuck in a Covid-19 hot spot, unable to return home.

30 March 2020

Today we buried mum in Wamberal Cemetery, close by Steve’s parents with a view of the ocean and the gum trees, a place we know she will rest in peace. Sadly, to do this we had to cope with the Covid-19 restrictions of max 10 people allowed at the funeral. A very tough day!

3 May 2020

Steve and I are truly blessed, we left Sydney today for home after a 6 week stay in Hornsby. We met some beautiful people and made some lovely friends around the neighbourhood. Alison re-established a relationship with her sister and we had a new look on life. Sadly due to Covid-19 we didn’t get the chance to see family at Tamworth on the way – but we did get to see our family Mark, Christine and Tanika in Brisbane. Also lucky for us was where we had been in Sydney was not a Covid-19 hot spot and we were able to cross back into Queensland without quarantine.