Lake Bethungra / Bundidgerry Creek

Day 14 – 17 March 2015

Well after 2 weeks on the road, we finally turned right at Sydney and started heading west. After topping up the diesel tanks with 200 odd litres of fuel (cost $1.21 per litre), we started our route down the Hume Highway before we headed into the country side around Junee. It was nice leaving the highway and the traffic behind. Before we left the flat top, Steve got talking to James, a teacher from Griffith. Tonight’s camp was decided on as Lake Bethungra.

Now we will remember Lake Bethungra for a number of reasons including the soft sunset. But it will be mostly remembered for the mosquito
type insects that smothered the exterior of the Amesz and tried to find a way inside. There were millions of them swarming. So early in the evening the doors were locked and not reopened until morning. The noise of the swarm was excited when they could see light, so switching on and off the lights changed the high pitched buzz frequency.

Day 15 – 18 March 2015

The day started out overcast this morning. As the twilight made way to daylight, it revealed some amazing patterns in the clouds as the storms cleared to the east.

After breakfast I decided to walk around the lake. On the way back I met Mark & Julie, fellow travellers, and Steve and I were invited in for morning tea.

Mark and Julie

Time flew as we all shared our on the road travel experiences. Mark and Julie were about to turn left on the east coast and head up to Mackay after being on the road since August. They were on the end of a round Australia trip and had spent considerable time on the west coast. Before we all knew it, it was lunch time and the conversation was pulsed until the happy hour later in the day.

After lunch we sat back and watched the day change. About 4 the happy hour was upon us and we had a further catch-up with Mark and Julie. It was really nice meeting the 2 of them and hearing their stories. As the sun started to set it was time for all of us to make ready for the insect invasion. Leaving the lights off until much later in the evening helped, but only a little.

Day 16 – 19 March 2015

Survived the insect invasion last night and woke to a clear day. Was decided we should do some exploring today so we headed off to Junee. First stop was the Junee Liquorice Factory.

Junee Licorice Factory 1 Junee Licorice Factory 2 Junee Licorice Factory

As we approached the factory, we noticed and old car parked outside a shed. Steve was off to investigate the old cars and I was off to explore the factory and then the town. It was fun chatting to the locals who are just so friendly here.

Junee Mechanic

Several hours later, I arrived at the Roundhouse Museum.

Roundhouse Museum Entrance

The Roundhouse has the ability to house 42 train locomotives and has a central turntable to direct the trains back to the main line.

Roundhouse Museum Trains Roundhouse Museum Turntable

From here we headed to the Bundidgerry Creek to camp the night.

Amesz Sunset Bundidgerry Creek