North Queensland Trip Day 15 – 21

16 August 2013

Sadly we departed Chillagoe today, our destination being Cooktown. This meant a long drive and a stock up of provisions at Mareeba. The Mareeba Airshow was on, and the showground was overflowing with grey nomads. After a quick fuel stop we headed for the supermarket, where we met Earthcruiser owners Greg and Gail. Lovely people, who were also headed north to do some exploring. It is always interesting to meet others who have the same goals in travelling and to see how they set themselves up.

By the time we pulled up in Cooktown, it was evening and the onshore winds were strong. We set up camp on the hillside below the lighthouse at Archer Point. These are the nights we are most thankfull we have no canvas between us and the outside elements.

Archer Point Steve 4

17 – 22 August 2013

Today we settled down for the day to let Alison rest up before she needs to fly back to Sydney to continue work. Sadly for her, she still has to work while she is on holidays (this is one of the joys of running your own business). The light house near Cooktown is ideal as it gives amazing views, coastal breezes and most importantly, mobile signal for the internet and calls.

Cooktown Steve 3

The highlights of the area for us was:

  • Drive to Battle Creek north of Cooktown
  • Coffee in the coffee shop in Cooktown where we also bumped into Gail and Greg again with their Earthcruiser.
  • Some really long walks along the beach
  • Fish and chips on the wharf with Gail and Greg
  • Alison catching a fish

Cooktown Canon Steve

Cooktown Sunset Camping

Cooktown Sunset Camping 2