Into Northeast Thailand

13-02-2020 – Around Nong Han Lake

The course for today was to move from the claustrophobic @Sakon Hotel that had no windows in any of the rooms to The Room Boutique Hotel. Once bitten with a highly rated hotel, we were very choosy about the room. Luckily we didn’t take the highly rated rooms next to the building site as they were having their windows bricked in. The Room Boutique Hotel was a disappointment charging extra for an additional mattress protector to soften the unfriendly westerner beds. This Hotel was the only one in 2 months of hotel travel to charge for making the beds sleepable.

From there we would take a drive around the lake Nong Han. The afternoon we headed for Dong Mafai a truly amazing complex. I found a T-shirt produced in the indigo dye and a Thai Astro reader. He was lovely and he also spoke english. I can confirm a long lifeline and a happy future.

By mid afternoon we arrived at Dong Mafai. We quickly jumped on the back of a truck taxi for the drive up the mountain. Thumbs up! No dual pricing here! The use of natural building products in the temples and the carving of statues in huge rocks here is done beautifully. Dinner was so good last night we headed back to the same road side diner for Pad Thai. It was once again lovely.

14-02-2020 – Lets Visit the Mekong River

Up early, I headed off to the local markets for a walk and some breakfast. These markets were bigger than the night markets and the locals were friendly. Time past quickly and it was time to get todays adventure happening, a drive out to the Mekong River for lunch.

It didn’t take long before we arrived at our first stop, Nong Han Chaloem Lotus Park. Large lakes of lotus flowers with walkways across them.

Next stop for the day was Wat Phra That Phon Sawan, a small, but pretty temple with a lovely caretaker. We left a donation which was received with a smile and a hug.

We had a yummy lunch at Pen Pla Pen Restaurant overlooking the Mekong River before making our way back to Sakon Nakon. As we ventured along the Mekong we happened on a festival which we joined in on. There was a stage with singing and dancing. The performers were a lot of fun and interacted with us afterwards for photos etc.

15-02-2020 – Sakon Nakon to Nong Khai

Once again Alison headed off to the morning markets to take in the local smells and sights.

As we had reached the Mekong River the day before, we started our journey back east.

We were keen to show Neil and Connie a few sites around Nong Khai. As with tradition, one of the first stops for the day was Cafe Amazon. We traditionally visit Cafe Amazon and 7/11 in our travels.

The highlights for the day included Sawang Daen Din and Wang Thong. We were also lucky enough to see the sun set over the Mekong River through the smoke and pollution.