Turn About

Travels during 2016

We had planned this year to be about small trips around Brisbane, but due to technical issues this didn’t occur. So the last few months proved to be a bit of a waiting game as far as the 4WDaus truck was concerned. Before Christmas it was obvious that the front springs needed resetting. We had waited until we we were 100% sure that there would not be any additional weight to the vehicle ie a possible winch. This is where we came a little unstuck. We let a big name spring and suspension company in Wacol do the work. The results were less than great. The bump stop clearance was the same as when we stared the job and by adding another leaf to the spring pack it raised the front of the truck. So yes there was more clearance away from items like air conditioner condensor, but the springs were better suited to a 2WD than a 4WD. Also as we were leaving, the mechanic, who was extremely helpful, told us our rear shocks were now not long enough. Enquires at the sales counter told us the company could not help with a new set as they did not have a shock to suit. With our faith lost, we turned to SSA Springs (Suspension Supplies Australia) who confirmed the springs set up on the front  was better suited to a 2WD Canter, but they had a solution which they told us would be much better. The only catch was they could not be fitted until after Christmas. So being of the mind set if they give you lemons, make lemonade, we decided it was time for the bullbar to be painted professionally, and to fit a quality LED bar to replace the Hella 4000s. Wow what a coat of paint does, the bullbar looked new again and we found a OSRAM LED light bar which is just fantastic.

With Christmas behind us, it was time to get the new shocks and springs fitted, and the much needed wheel alignment. It took the best part of a day for the work to be done and SSA also added front greasable shackles. The bump stop clearance was increased to 50mm and they were able to achieve this without making the front of the canter higher than the back. With this done it was time to get an alignment before setting out on a shake-down trip to see all is good.

So stay turned as we see what 2016 is about.

Adventures 2016

Finke to Eringa Waterhole

Finke to Eringa Waterhole

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