15 February 2024

Farewell, Penang, and Hello, Singapore!

Our three-month Thai adventure is drawing to a close, but not before a whirlwind visit to the dazzling metropolis of Singapore! After a bittersweet goodbye to Penang, we hopped on a plane and touched down in Changi Airport, eager to explore this familiar city.

Escaping the 25th Floor (and Other Tales of Penang)

Penang departure was an experience. Our AirBnB was located on the 25th floor, and let’s just say the elevators were less than enthusiastic that morning. After a few tense moments (and overflowing elevators), we finally managed to snag a lift and meet our Uber at 9 am sharp, suitcases and all!

A Relaxing Flight to Singapore

Singapore Airlines whisked us away to Singapore in style. The short flight was a breeze, giving us a chance to unwind and recharge for the adventures ahead. Touching down at 1:30 pm, we were officially back in Singapore for our second visit!

Checking In to Park Avenue Hotel

A quick taxi ride took us from Changi Airport to our home for the next leg of our journey – Park Avenue Hotel. After settling into our room, we set off to explore the charming local shops and supermarket nearby. To wrap up the day, we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, a fantastic introduction to Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene.

16 February 2024

Day 1: A Delicious Dive into Little India and Haji Lane

Singapore’s diversity never disappoints! Today, we decided to hop on the train and explore two vibrant neighborhoods: Little India and Haji Lane.

Little India: A Feast for the Senses

Stepping into Little India was like stepping into a whole new world. The streets were ablaze with color, a mix of bright pinks, oranges, and blues adorning the traditional Indian architecture. The air hung heavy with the intoxicating aroma of spices – a true feast for the senses!

Remembering Unman Restaurant

Feeling a little hungry led us to a familiar favourite: Unman Restaurant. We stumbled upon this gem on a previous visit, and the memory of its delicious food definitely held true. Needless to say, our lunch was an explosion of flavor!

Haji Lane’s Artistic Charm

After refueling, we continued our exploration and found ourselves in Haji Lane. This trendy alleyway boasts a completely different vibe. Street art murals covered the walls, while independent shops overflowing with unique finds lined the narrow street.

A Relaxing End to a Big Day

By 6 pm, our feet were begging for a rest. We hopped back on the train, thoroughly satisfied with our day’s exploration. An early night was definitely in order to prepare for another adventure tomorrow!

17 February 2024

Day 2: Jewel Changi Airport – A Dazzling Detour

Day two took us on a unique adventure – a pre-flight preview of Changi Airport! We hopped on the train from Expo station, with a twofold mission: to familiarize ourselves with the route for our Monday departure and to explore the famed Jewel attraction.

The train ride was a blur as we zipped towards the airport. Upon arrival, we embarked on a self-guided tour through the various levels of Changi Airport, marveling at its sheer size and efficiency.

Jewel: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

But the true highlight was undoubtedly Jewel. This architectural marvel is a nature lover’s dream, housing a breathtaking indoor waterfall called the Rain Vortex surrounded by lush greenery. We wandered through the different levels, browsing through the diverse stores and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

A Culinary Adventure at the Airport

For lunch, we decided to embrace the international spirit of the airport and opted for a flavorful curry and rice dish. Refueled and recharged, we made our way back to the hotel.

Singaporean Nights

With the Singaporean evening stretching before us, we left the decision of venturing out again to the whims of the weather.

18 February 2024

Day 3: A Delicious Day from Lau Pa Sat to Marina Bay

Singapore’s amazing MRT system continues to impress! Today, we utilized its efficiency to embark on a delightful culinary and sightseeing adventure.

Lau Pa Sat: A Hawker Paradise

Our first stop was Lau Pa Sat, a renowned hawker center overflowing with local delights. The vibrant atmosphere and endless food options were a feast for the senses. We couldn’t resist indulging in a classic Butter Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice combo, and needless to say, our taste buds were singing!

Marina Bay: A Modern Marvel

After our satisfying lunch, we set off for the futuristic Marina Bay. The towering skyscrapers and sleek architecture provided a stark contrast to the traditional charm of Lau Pa Sat.

A Techie’s Delight: Apple Store

Of course, no trip to a major city is complete without a visit to the Apple Store. We browsed the latest gadgets and soaked in the innovative atmosphere.

Gardens by the Bay: A Nature Escape

Following our tech fix, we ventured into the Gardens by the Bay. We strolled through the impressive Supertree Grove, marveling at the towering bioluminescent structures.

Lau Pa Sat for Dinner: A Fond Farewell

As the day drew to a close, we found ourselves drawn back to Lau Pa Sat for a final celebratory dinner. This time, we opted for a Pad Thai and Panang Curry duo, savoring every bite of these quintessential Thai dishes.

Back to the Hotel: A bittersweet End

With full tummies and happy hearts, we hopped back on the train, making our way back to the hotel. Realisation dawned – this was our last full day in Singapore, and indeed, our last day of this incredible three-month adventure. A bittersweet feeling settled in, a mix of nostalgia for the experiences we’d had and excitement for what awaited us back home.

19 February 2024

Farewell, Singapore, and Hello Home!

Today marks the bittersweet end of our incredible adventure. After 3.5 months exploring the wonders of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, it was time to return home.

An Early Departure from Singapore

The day began with an early rise. By 6 am sharp, we were on our way to Expo Train Station, ready to catch our flight back to Perth. The efficiency of the Singaporean transportation system shone once again as we arrived at Changi Airport’s departure hall within 15 minutes.

So Long, Singapore Airlines

A quick and smooth check-in process had us dropping our bags and finalizing the boarding procedures. By 9:30 am, we were comfortably settled on our Singapore Airlines flight, Singapore fading away beneath us.

Homeward Bound: Perth and Familiar Faces

The flight time seemed to whiz by, and at 2:30 pm, we touched down in Perth. Immigration and customs were a breeze, and there, waiting for us with beaming smiles and warm Aussie accents, were our dear friends Alison and Gary!

Reunited at Last!

The joy of reuniting with loved ones after such a long journey was truly special. We eagerly piled into the car, catching up on lost times and sharing stories of our adventures.

Jurien Bay: Home Sweet Home

The scenic drive culminated in our arrival back in Jurien Bay at 7:15 pm. Standing on our doorstep, a wave of contentment washed over us. We were home – happy, excited, and forever grateful for the unforgettable memories we made on this epic adventure.