Super Singles upgrade for Amesz Canter Truck

What a difference Tyres Make!

One of the first issues we had with the Mitsubishi Canter Amesz 4×4 Truck was rocks getting stuck between the rear tyres which if not removed quickly, destroy both tyres. Up to this point we had been lucky and removed the rock before doing damage. The path to upgrading the rims legally on the FG649 Mitsubishi truck was certainly a learning curve. There was much advice to ignore the weight and just fit what could be purchased cheaply. We finally decided not tempt being without insurance in case of an accident and found 2 companies in Australia that could supply the rims that were needed to keep the vehicle GVM at its original weight. One of these companies would manufacture the rims on our specs and the other had them on the shelf.

Tyres were also required and again there was allot of advice to simply fit what you can get. Some Canters you will see fitted with Nissan
Patrol / Toyota Landcruiser type tyres. Here we settled on the 5 x 285/70R19.5 Toyo M608Z 145/143M fitted to rims (load rated to 2,900kgs per tyre), again these kept our weight spec legal. Not as aggressive as we would have liked, but with a little more care in the use of tyre pressure – very capable tyres.

Many people of enquired as to the size difference to the old tyres. For comparison I took the following photos with the old tyres along side there new single replacements.



So what have we achieved? There were 2 main reasons to upgrade, 1 the destruction on rear dual tryes by stuck rocks is now gone and now the rear wheels now track behind the front wheels. The has given us the ability to drive in sand whch was previously an issue.