19 September 2017

Steve had a big night with Mick and Kate last night. He really enjoyed himself, as did I. After a little sleep in, he awoke happy but regretting the last beer a little.

After wishing Mick and Ella happy birthdays for today and tomorrow we headed back to Yulara to hopefully catchup with Janelle again and for Steve to meet a fellow traveller with up to date road conditions for the Great Central Road. To Alison disappointment, Janelle group was off having a great time exploring the Rock.

Next stop was Rob and Gwen who had lots to share. Thank you for you assistance.

They also pointed us towards “Skippy” an SLR Expedition Vehicle parked close by. This is one of SLRs new hard side pop tops known as a Bushman. It is an awesome looking vehicle made to the high standards we see in the other SLR expedition Vehicles we have seen.

After a quick stop to take a photo or 2 of Uluru, it was onwards towards Olgas where the dirt of the Great Central Road starts. There is a massive amount of roadworks between Olgas and Docker River, the road is being upgraded

Upon reaching the WA NT Border it was time to get some photos before heading further west to find a campsite. Camp was found at the Start of the Sandy Blight Junction road not far from Len Beadell’s marker under a She-oak or 2.

A little into the evening of darkness you could see the the road trains slowly moving along the highway. One such road train frightened a group of camels that went rushing past us. It is times like this I am very happy to not be sleeping in a tent or swag.

20 September 2017

Early start today as we headed further west towards Laverton. The road conditions varied between rough, sandy, super smooth and bitumen. It reached close to 40 degrees as we drove into the sun. We did see a few camels, but no other wildlife. After a very long day of driving, we pulled up not far from Laverton at Giles (Jindalee) Breakaway. Interestingly, you can see the lights of the Jindalee Over the Horizon Radar in the distance (JORN).

21 September 2017

Rest day called due to heat.

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