Day 210 – 28 Sept 2015

Another early start today as we headed for Nullagine. This would be our last fuel stop in WA for this trip with the next expected fuel stop on the other side of the Gibson Desert, in Northern Territory. This fill was only 34 litres, but the cost of fuelling up before Kintore is close to $3.00 per litre. So, the $1.85 cost in Nullagine is a bargin. Total Costs $63.62.

Heading down Skull Spring Road it is difficult to see where we had travelling last time we visited here in 2006. Once again, the roads had been upgraded. Scull Springs Road has also been re-routed and some of the old mines bypassed. By early afternoon, we had reached Running Waters. We did meet another driver on the road who told us we would not fit the truck into where we had hoped to camp. We decided to try to make the camping site despite the advice. The last 1km of the trip was definitely a tight squeeze with only an inch or two clearance around the some obstacles.

Skull Springs Rd-3 Skull Springs Rd-2

Day 211 – 29 Sept 2015

Today we had the first of many rest days exploring the Oakover River and discovered many water holes and cattle. Alison took many swims in the river and we enjoyed the relative coolness of the shade.

Running Waters-3 Running Waters-2 Running Waters 02 Running Waters 03 Running Waters 04 Running Waters-1

Day 212 – 30 Sept 2015

Rest day exploring the Oakover River. Found an aboriginal site with some drawings. Was nice to find something that most visitors would miss.

Oakover River 01 Oakover Rv Rockart 01 Oakover Rv Rockart 02 Oakover Rv Rockart 03

Day 213 – 1 Oct 2015

Rest day exploring the Oakover River.

Running Waters 01

Met Matt, Donna and children Pia, Lucca and Zion who were camped further down the river. They were from Perth and heading towards Broome?

Day 214 – 2 Oct 2015

Rest day exploring the Oakover River.

Met Bradley and Kelvin, 2 local brothers and their family. They were told us we were always welcome to visit their community, and Brad calls Alison his sister.

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