Amesz, Australia’s First Expedition Vehicle

Amesz Motorhome by Amesz Designs Perth

We proudly own and love our Amesz Canter 4WD Motorhome, so this write up maybe a little biased. Amesz Designs started production in April 2000, producing a vehicle that would enable the adventurous explorer to get out into the outback and stay with comfort. The 4WD motorhomes quickly gained a well-deserved reputation as the toughest and strongest built in Australia. This was assisted by manufacturing them on a Mitsubishi Canter or MAN 4WD truck base with a fully welded high tensile steel frame. The finished product was a versatile vehicle that could withstand any weather or storm, and remain dust and water free. It carried enough water, and food to enable an explorer to live months away outback. The addition of long range fuel tanks also meant the vehicle could do vast distances.

We live many months of the year in our motorhome and it makes it easier for us to do the sort of adventuring we love most. It is nice to know that if you are on a sand track, you can drive it and not become stuck, especially in the really isolated places we frequent. As money is always short it is also great to know we usually fill up the fuel tanks in areas where the prices are not inflated due to emote transportation costs. Having a good fridge and freezer is also a blessing as we can sit in one location for good length of times. The solar charging system also assists hee as we can live totally off the grid, as long as there is sun!

Sadly, there we be no new motorhome produced as the company completed production with the death of it’s owner Hans in February 2015. The archived web site can still be seen today at