Back with Friends

Back with Friends

18 November 2018

Today we decided to take an easy day looking around Broken Hill. So whats to see here in addition to heaps of old mines? I think may favourite place is Bells Milk Bar. It right out of the 70’s!

19 November 2018

Today we headed to Armatree. On the way we caught up with washing in Cobar. The plan at this stage is to catch up with Neil and Connie in the Warrumbungles if all goes well with their medical appointments.

20 November 2018

Today we all arrived at the Warrumbungles and it was time to celebrate with Euro Cake, Green Thai Curry and Chang Beer.

21 – 22 November 2018

The squally rain set in today so we all decided to just kick back and enjoy the catchup. This was the lead up to a dust storm that was approaching the east coast. The sky changed colour to brown!

23 November 2018

Today we decided to head different directions for a day before meeting meeting up again at Warrabah National Park. First stop for the day was Siding Spring Observatory.

25 -26 November 2018

Neil and Connie, Steve and Alison set out to explore Warrabah National Park today. The area was quiet  and surprisingly plenty of water in the river.

27 November 2018

Time flies when you are with friends and enjoying life so much. With Neil and Connie due to fly out of the country in a few days, it was to bid them good bye until Thailand 2019.

Steve and Alison headed east to Ebor Falls for their next stop. Neil and Connie headed north. Bye guys Safe travels.

After Ebor we headed into Mt Hyland to explore some new territory.

28 November 2018

Spent the day watching the weather. Day started with fog and detected into rain again.

28 November 2018

Mt Hyland to Old Glen Innes Road. Today we drive the tracks along through the national park avoiding bushfires that were burning the the northern end. Eventually we found ourselves on the Old Glen Innes Road and at a Convict built tunnel. We have always wondered if 4WDaus would fit through the tunnel and today to our delight. The answer is it does with its 3.65m clearance. This road is the old main road and stock route between Glen Innes and Grafton. A Very pretty area.

29 November 2018

Today Alison had a big degree of pain in her arm last night and it appears it requires medical assistance, so we decided to end our trip today and head back to Brisbane for medical assistance.

30 November 2018 – 8 December 2018

After Alison received medical assistance we set off for home arriving 8 December 2018. Rainbow Beach was still recovering from a heavy storm that had exposed Mudlo Rocks.