Day 3 – Flinders Rangers

Day 3 – Silverton to Flinders Ranges

Dec 29 2008

It was a cool night which surprised us both. It’s the middle of summer and we were wishing we had packed some of our winter jumpers or pullovers. Our campsite last night was on the bank of a dry creek bed on the Silverton side of Broken Hill. This site is best known for where Mad Max was filmed. Outside the hotel in Silverton is a replica of the “Pursuit Special” from Mad Max 1 (renamed in Mad Max 2 as the Interceptor).

Interceptor 01

This morning Alison is full of energy – something that is not unusual. A quick trip to Big W fixed up the lack of warm clothes, and then  we were on our way again – aiming for the Flinders Ranges.

Water Tower Restored 01 Alison has what has become a tradition – if there if something that can be climbed – Alison is up there – good to see her spirit has not taken a pounding from the fall 2 years ago down at Woolshed Caves. The first old train water tower we came across – she was up the ladder on the side again. I am sure there are photos of her up another tower on this web site some 10 years ago.

Railway Water Tower 02 Railway Water Tower 01

Crossed the South Australian / NSW border at Cockburn – not much there except a hotel & a sign. A place where many people seem to break their own personal journeys across the plains.

Cockburn NSW SA Border 01

NSW_SA Border 01

Yunta Sign Post 01 Mannahill Station 01

Ventured a few more kms before we took the turn off at Yunta towards Flinders Ranges. Not long down the trail we found Waukringa – an abandoned mine, This gave the opportunity to do some photography & 4WDriving – the 2 things in life that make it worth living.

Waukaringa Offroad Waukringa 01

Passing a few homesteads we eventually accessed Flinders through the eastern entrance.

Kanyaka Station 01

Camped just outside the Flinders near Hawke. We were once again given the luxury of another cool breeze. This time prepared, out came our warm clothes. The burrs on the ground were plentiful which caused us a few problems. The sunset was also on the wrong side of the escapement for photos.

Camp Flinders