Escape Hatch Seal Maintenance

Over the last 12 months when we have gone to tilt the truck cab we have found it firmly stuck closed. We have put it down to heat fusing the rubber on the under side of the cab and possibly thought a trip to Mr Mitsubishi maybe required to fix it. Luckily for us, investigation revealed the foam on the truck side of the escape hatch was sticking to the rubber on the camper side due to the foam deteriating. Before we found ourselves in a bad position where we could not tilt the cabin in a hurry, without facing the vehicle down the hill, we decided to replace the foam strip and polish the rubber on the camper side with ArmorAll.

First job was to source the automotive foam. These days it’s so much easier to source these items from places like Ebay. Yes I know we should all be buying Australian, but sometimes when you investigate there is a huge price variation. Sadly the downside is you can wait many weeks before you see your purchase. So 4 weeks ago we placed an order from China.

The 5mtrs of foam tape arrived today so right to work.

Foam Strip Maint s



First Job tilt the canter cab.

Steve believed the removal of the tape was going to be the worst part of the job and we both hoped this would not be the case. Amazingly, it took 5 minutes to leave a fresh surface for the application of the new foam tape. This also proved to be a quick and equally easy job. The next job was to remove any foam remnants left on the camper rubber so that it would not adhere to our new tape.

Foam Strip Maint 2s

Last job was to ensure the new tape lined up with the camper and sit back an admire a great job done by Steve.