Stratos Seats

One of the first upgrades I have done to 4WDaus Canter was to replace the seats. It was a frustrating and painful process, but once we got past the initial issue of installation and 2 seat rebuilds due to sub quality supplied have found them excellent.

Currently my wife and I are making our way through country roads and our backs thank us for having suspension seat every day. The roads around Mudgee and Australia demand something better than what comes standard with the truck.


1. Drivers seat is about an inch or two closer to steering wheel.

2. Due to limitations of cab, can not recline much

3. Passengers seat rubs on door trim due to being so far to the outside of cab

4. Passengers seat belt is not fixed so you need two hands to belt up

5. Availability of seat covers suck unless you want custom job or black ducks which costs about $500 for a set

6. You are a little higher to the roof, only an issue on those big jumps.

7. Cost of seats incl installation around $5,000


1. Much smoother ride especially on the super single tires which are a high ply

2. Back and lumber support

3. Allows a centre console

4. ADR Approved, makes it much easier if you truck is street legal.


Would I do it again. Yes, but I would hope to find a better alternative to using Stratos Seating or one of their representatives.