Leaf Spring Upgrade – Canter 4×4

Leaf Spring Upgrade – SSA Australia

Getting the ride right for 4WDAUS truck was one of the hardest exercises we undertook, The process took far far longer to get right than we had hoped and we under took a few Leaf Spring Upgrades from a couple of manufacturers. We ruled out using ATW as we found it impossible to justify the amount charged for Parabolic springs which are promoted as the best and greatest. Some of the canter drivers we have met have told of their broken parabolic spring leaf which also worried us. After a lot of research, including some trial and errors we finally found a spring company in Brisbane who has got it perfect. SSA or Suspension Supplies Australia’s product is working fantastically and for less than $2,000 They recommended Bluemax springs especially designed for our 4×4 Canter, and Sachs shocks. With their uplift, combined with a small relocation of the air conditioner condensor, I finally feel we have the ride and comfort spot on, with the bonus of protecting the condensor. I must say that the SSA guys did a great job of explaining and performing the upgrade, and thus the enthusiastic endorsement of one happy customer.

SSA Blue Max Springs Mitsubishi Canter 4WD

SSA Blue Max Springs Mitsubishi Canter 4WD Bump Stop Clearance after 10,000kms travel

SSA Blue Max Springs Mitsubishi Canter 4WD

SSA Blue Max Springs Mitsubishi Canter 4WD


Footnote to story.

Reaching Alice Springs we found one of the suspension bushes had worn badly, See Post Front Suspension Bushes Replacement – The spare we had was already cracked and has worn quickly, contacting SSA their guys were helpful and quick to send replacement to Broome for us. Their service has really been excellent when we have needed them. Thanks Guys.