North to the Gulf

16 Sept 2020

After a great nights sleep we departed Cornish Creek north east from Muttaburra. We decided to have a look at Forest Den National Park and really found nothing to report.

So next stop for the day was Moorinya National Park – Old Sheep Station with a shearing shed you can camp by. As it was early in the day we decided to continue onwards towards Prairie. When we arrived at Prairie we saw their huge Windmill in the main street. It is just enormous. After a break we took the back roads to Porcupine Gorge National Park. A stunning gorge which needs to be seen.

17 Sept 2020

This morning we decided to walk the Porcupine Gorge. There was water in the gorge which was lovely and gave some great reflections to photograph. Next we walked to the lookout before resting up for the rest of the day.

18 Sept 3030

The journey west continued today, so we left Porcupine Gorge for Hughenden. We love country butchers so we spent time finding food and meat from the local shops.

With the weather was closing in so we decided it would be wise to hold up in Richmond early. In Richmond we found a nice caravan park and enjoyed the amenities for the afternoon.

Of course being close to a country pub we headed for our walk arriving at the pub just as the heavens opened. No choice but to had a few drinks and a pub dinner. dam!

After dinner the rain stopped long enough for us to see some wonderful lightning on the walk back to the caravan park.

19 Sept 2020

Today we continued the trip west towards Mount Isa. We stopped to see the Corella River and its dam and decided to stay there in a quiet spot. Its moments like this we love our 4WDaus and its ability.

20 Sept 2020

We took on 40 ltrs of jerry can few this morning- enough to get us to Mount Isa (our next few stop). We travelled only a few kms to Mary Kathleen township, the once centre of a Uranium mining.

21 Sept 2020

Drove to the open cut uranium mine close to the township where we did some exploring, walking and waiting for the hole to turn the glorious blue was had seen in so many photos. About mid afternoon it didn’t disappoint.

Arrived back in the ghost town just as the rain arrived. Certainly saw some great clouds and colours.

22 – 23 Sept 2020

This morning for our daily walk we headed off to Sunset mine where Steve found an abandoned truck to photograph. Received a call we had a contract on the sale of our unit and so decided it would be better internet to complete our side of the transaction in Mount Isa. After morning tea, we continued west to Mount Isa. As this was our first visit to the Isa we decided to walk the town and build an appetite for a pub meal.

24 Sept 2020

Before heading north we topped up with fuel. $1.259 is a pretty good price. Taking the road less travelled took us towards Kajabbi. This was a very pretty road. Lucky the dumping of rain it received the last couple of days had not affected it badly.

By midday we reached Four Ways where there was a camp draft rodeo on. Of course we stopped to take some photos. Also noted diesel here was $1.74 / litre.  Next stop was to take a quick look around Normanton and remind ourselves the things we saw here back in 2006.

Then it was onto Karumba to find a place to enjoy the sunset and a pub meal. The Sunset Tavern looked just the same as it did 14 years ago.  Met a lovely couple Micheal and Coke – 2 fellow travellers.

25 – 27 Sept 2020

After saying good byes to our new friends we headed to the Barramundi Discovery Centre.

The last few days my health has deteriorated again and we needed to find somewhere to hold up whilst I got better. (the 6th time this year) As the heat was building again we decided to head east to the Atherton Tablelands. Of course we had to revisit Normanton once more. After a couple days travel we arrived at the Atherton where we met a lovely German man who insisted we camp out at his house. It was lovely.

28 – 30 Sept 2020

As my health had not improved we headed down to a special spot named Kurrimine Beach (or Murdering Point when we first found it 14 years ago)

1 Oct 2020

Feeling a little more healthy today we headed off to Townsville to stay with friends Luey and Ian. Was great catching up with them both.

2 Oct 2020

With my health still not 100% we decided to start the trip back to Rainbow. We found a great camping spot at Yarrawonga Park Reserve which was very crowded.

3 Oct 2020

We decided to have a look around Yeppoon to see what the real estate was like – such a pretty spot. With my health still not 100% we completed the trip back to Rainbow Beach so I could rest up.