23 March 2016

The camp this morning was engulfed in fog. The Dargo Hotel was also a wonderful sight with thick fog.

First was the Gargo Hotel big breakfast and then of course the obligatory photo in front of the Dargo Hotel was taken.


The drive today was the relatively short distance to Talbotville. As the road was so narrow, Alan set off to block the road, something the Andy in the big Man truck appeciated. Here the Amesz Trucks spread out along the river.

The afternoon was filled with cricket and much laughing as everyone had fun.

The evening was spent toasting marshmallows by the fire with good friends.

24 March 2016

Today was sad as we bid Alan and Heather / Ian and Chris goodbye. Our group down to 1 Man Truck and 5 Canter Trucks. Thank guys for looking after us and seeing us safely down the tracks. We will miss you all very much.

It seemed it was a rest day for everyone and so Darryl decided to give us some Canter / Amesz maintenance advice. This included dusting out filters, where the grease points are, what spares to carry and essential tools. Darryl’s tools were all set out in canvas rollup bag.


Darryl is using in his truck the fpc-nf combustion fuel catalyst. This is added at 10mls per 120l (Double dose first use). Here are the details for those of the group that missed it.

08 93531016


Fuel technology fpc-nf combustion fuel catalyst. Kewdale WA


Another cool spare was his Radiator bandage made by wurth. A German company that Neil and Connie were quiet excited to hear.

Darryl’s Essential Spanners

10mm, 12mm, 13mm (Amesz Section), 14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm


During the afternoon we got a visit from one of the locals in OKA135. Great looking vehicle weighing just 4 tonnes and running a 6 cylinder Cummings Diesel engine.

OKA-XT135-Front OKA-XT135-Side

25 March 2016

Rest day at Talbotville. To all our amazement, a horse and buggy went down a track are returned hours later.