Work Routine In Gulshan 2 Dhaka

27 Sept 2010

Have been finding the bed just way too hard so I visited the local mattress maker on the walk home from work. He set right to work and had the mattress delivered to the guest house by 7pm. The make who looks after me George makes sure its all in place. He so spoils me.

2 great friends Amjad and Iqbal ask I take a photo for them. Of course I oblige.

Amjad and Iqbal Dhaka

28 Sept 2010

Needed some local taka currency today and so my driver too me to the local ATM. Here the ATMs are in closed rooms and it is recommended you get straight back in your vehicle after a withdrawal and leave. Some ATMs have a full time security guard.

Went to rooftop to shot Dhaka in the twilight.

Dusk in Dhaka 01

30 Sept 2010

Darren and I managed to get well and truly lost on this morning’s walk, so the answer was to take a 3 wheeled taxi back to the guest house. The driver would not let Darren out until he paid.

Dhaka Overhead Cables 02

An evening at the beauty salon, got henna tattoo on hand and arm. I also had a wash dry and cut.

Hanna Alison Bangladesh

1 Oct 2010

In my morning walks the locals are getting to know me and I get invited to join in the morning Yoga classes. So of course I did. The Baridhara Lake which is close to our guest house has a walking track around it which is one of the local circuits we sometimes do.

Gulshan Lake 01

After a big night at the beauty salon today was the day to dress up for work

Alison Bangladesh 2010